Tyler Perry & Ethiopian Date/Girlfriend or is Fiance?

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Movies on October 6, 2008 by missmwabi

I read that Tyler Perry was engaged to an Ethiopian beauty and thought ok, whatever cause that man is linked to everybody from Oprah to Tyra to Taraj and people been trying to marry him off since he hit the scene.

The couple looked gorgeous at the opening of his new studio in Atlanta over the weekend.  Her name is Gelila Bekele ans she is a model.  Ethiopian girls are doing it!


Amanda = Nadupoi on Exiled

Posted in Africa, Foolishness, TV on October 6, 2008 by missmwabi

Meet Amanda.  She’s one of those spoiled brats on MTV’s Sweet 16 who want the moon and the stars from their willing parents and don’t even give a thank you.  MTV knew there were on to something with this one. The show got people talking….you were either a parent who couldn’t believe the crazy demands from these kids or you were a teen who couldn’t wait to get your own elaborate sweet 16 on a not so elaborate budget.

Well, MTV went back to the drawing board and came up with Exiled.  Exiled is a show that takes former Sweet 16ers and places them in parts of the world unlike their own to teach them about life…or something like that.  Uh huh.

Amanda is sent off to live with the Masai tribe in Kenya and she in true TV fashion can’t stand it for 75% of the episode then suddenly switches gears and becomes a new person with a whole new perspective, just like that.

The gem of this episode had to be Josephine, Amanda’s host.  Josephine keeps her cool throughout the entire episode.  If MTV really wants to impress me, they need to bring the hosts from these countries to the U.S. and give them a week of extravegance and tape that.

Watch the full episode here.

Seal Chanels Sam Cooke

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Music on October 6, 2008 by missmwabi

Seal returns to the music scene and this time he takes it back, way back to the smooth sounds of Sam Cooke with A Change Is Going To Come.  Even now, all these years later, this song hold true.

Seal’s new album, Soul will be released on November 11th.

Mary Louise Parker and African Daughter

Posted in Africa, Celebrity on September 19, 2008 by missmwabi

Mary Louise Parker adopted an African baby girl last year.

The country of the baby’s origin has not been revealed.

She’s grown so much already in a year.

British Lesbians Vote Thandie Newton as Sexy!

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Movies on September 17, 2008 by missmwabi

4,000 British lesbians were recently polled on who they thought were sexy and Thandie Newton made the cut at number 7.

Here’s the full top ten:

1. Rachel Weisz
2. Nicole Kidman
3. Minnie Driver
4. Kate Winslet
5. Naomi Watts
6. Keira Knightley
7. Thandie Newton
8. Emily Blunt
9. Catherine Zeta-Jones
10. Cate Blanchett

Miss Thandie’s new movie, the Guy Ritchie directed Rock’n’Rolla recently premiered.

Korto Made it to Fashion Week – YES!!!!!

Posted in Africa, Fashion & Style on September 13, 2008 by missmwabi

This is the best news ever!!!!!!

Every designer’s dream on Project Runway is to make it to Fashion Week.

Korto was one of the 5 designers to make it.

Her collection is beautiful!

Here is a sneak peak….PERFECTION.

I can’t wait for the finale.  The good news is that our African sister is well on her way no matter whether she wins or not. This is such a BIG DEAL. Congrats Korto.

Lova Luv Will be Deelishis’ Bridesmaid

Posted in Africa, Celebrity on September 12, 2008 by missmwabi

London Charles aka Deelishis of Flava of Love fame is getting married.

She has picked Africa’s own video vixen Angel Melaku aka Lola Luv as one of her 15 bridesmaids.

Others to make the cut are Taj from SWV, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson, Toccara Jones and family from both sides.