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She’s Still Got It

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Fashion & Style on November 3, 2008 by missmwabi

Iman will ALWAYS look good!

Check her out at the recent Black Girls Rule Awards.

Estelle joins her and this is the perfect picture of 2 African ladies doing it big!


Korto Came So Close To Winning

Posted in Africa, Fashion & Style, TV on October 15, 2008 by missmwabi

I am so proud of Korto for coming so close to winning Project Runway.  I know she was dissapointed not to be declared the winner but she has to be proud of making it so far and getting praise from some big names.  I would not be surprised if a big name designer has scooped her up as they did Austin Scarlett back in Season 1.  Korto’s talent is undeniable and I would buy her designs in a heartbeat.  I look forward to seeing her future in the design world.  I loved her walking the runway with her daughter..what a moment.  Congratulations Korto, African girl.  You represented us well and you ROCKED!

Enjoy her entire collection from Bryant Park.

Kimora’s My She-ro :)

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion & Style, TV on October 9, 2008 by missmwabi

I soooo enjoy all things Kimora Lee!  I have no shame.

I just love the way she runs her business, how she mothers her kiddies, how she takes no crap…I could go on and on.  I love how she gave the Barbie people heat when they tried to bully her.

I dvr and watch The Fabulous Life over and over and read all magazines KiKi is in.

I was over the moon the other night when E! aired her true Hollywood story.  It was great to see her humble beginnings, her old interviews, her Mom and yes both Russell and Djimon saying wonderful things about her.  The internets try to make mountains out of mole hills about Kiki and Russey but like Will and Jada they all along with the new loves in their lives and they have their multi million dollar business and gorgeous girls at heart.  Speaking of their girls, how do I love Aoki Lee?!!! OMG, she is so the business.  I want to see her in her teen years.

We already know Tyra and Kiki have been friends forever but I was surprised to see Kim Porter as one of Kiki’s bridesmaids, who knew?  I didn’t even know they were friends.

Korto Made it to Fashion Week – YES!!!!!

Posted in Africa, Fashion & Style on September 13, 2008 by missmwabi

This is the best news ever!!!!!!

Every designer’s dream on Project Runway is to make it to Fashion Week.

Korto was one of the 5 designers to make it.

Her collection is beautiful!

Here is a sneak peak….PERFECTION.

I can’t wait for the finale.  The good news is that our African sister is well on her way no matter whether she wins or not. This is such a BIG DEAL. Congrats Korto.

Korto Shines on Project Runway 5

Posted in Africa, Fashion & Style on July 19, 2008 by missmwabi

I am a HUGE fan of Project Runway! It was a pleasant surprise to find that this season, there are not one, not two but three black contestants on the show!!! Talk about Christmas in July!  And one of the black contestants is AFRICAN. Major brownie points for that one Mrs. Seal!

Korto is 33 and is originally from Liberia.  Korto moved to Canada to attend fashion school. After school, she moved outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where she now resides with her husband and daughter. Drawing from her African roots, Korto infuses tribal details into her classic designs. She is inspired by rich fabrics and textures and says her designs are intended for real, full-figured women. In her spare time, Korto works as a freelance fashion photographer, dances in an African dance troupe and does African hair braiding and makeup. She says her family considers her to be fun and easygoing.


The first challenge was a throwback to Season 1 where contestants had to design an outfit from things they bought at a grocery store.  Austin Scarlet’s corn dress from Season 1 pretty much put him in fashion history books everywhere.  Korto designed a kimono style dress that I need in my closet ASAP.  Even though she used a tablecloth, she did get high marks from the judges for accesorizing with kale and tomatoes.

I can’t wait to see what Korto as in store for the rest of the season.  Go girl!!!!

Charlize Season

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, covergirl, Fashion & Style, Movies on June 24, 2008 by missmwabi

South Africa’s very own Oscar winner is making quite the rounds here lately to promote her newest movie alongside Big Willie himself, Hancock.

Your girl is tearing it up on the red carpet.

This picture with co-star Will sets many a tongue wagging….

She wore a crimson number in Moscow.

She wore Dior white in Paris.

And broke it down in her asymmetrical Christian Lacroix dress, Neil Lane jewels and Dior ankle booties in Berlin.

Charlize is also the covergirl for Glamour Magazine and British GQ for July.  Check her out and check her out in Hancock July 2nd.

Kimora & Djimon Kinda Sorta Engaged?

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion & Style on June 19, 2008 by missmwabi

It has been a minute since Kimora and Djimon have been seen photographed together.

They came out of hiding last night to attend the third annual Loveday celebration hosted by Cartier.

When asked by photographers if they were engaged, Kimora replied with “Kind of.”


Asked if Honsou had given her an engagement ring, Simmons was equally forthcoming – and evasive. “Well, kind of,” she said, “not quite.”

Okey doke kids…I’m sure annoucements will come sooner than later since her divorce was finalized already.