Hey all…how you be?

Come here to get news, gossip, and interviews on your favorite Africans.

I love to amuse myself and if you’re amused too in the process then cool.

I rep AFRICA to the fullest…Zambia and Malawi to be exact.


I love my people but get tired of folks asking me if I had monkeys in my backyard or if I swam here! Like seriously, how old are we? In this day and age you don’t know?  So as well as entertaining, my mission is to educate.

Personally, I love to write and read and hope to have a bestseller in your bookstore on of these days.  I was Editor-in-Chief of an African website and it was fun.  You might know me from there.  Or maybe you know me from my many many blogs that I’ve had seen 2004….they call me blog gypsy cause I move a lot 🙂  I’m a bit of a tech nerd…I’m all over the net.  Be like Teyana and google me baby! lol

I like to think in my head that I’m major and I should be front paged cause if I don’t who will?

And my people…I’m a firm believer in being drama free.  Like for real, this ain’t the place to start nothing, ok?

Welcome, get comfy and enjoy your time here!

Peace & Love,

Miss Mwabi


One Response to “About”

  1. Miss Mwabi,
    Have you been posting anything? I seem to have lost your new work! Happy new year:-) Hope you’re well.

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