Um Ebony, Where’s Sophie?

I love the 3 lovely ladies that cover November’s issue of Ebony but I was dissapointed that Sophie Okonedo didn’t make the cover.  Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Sophie Okonedo ALL star in The Secret Lives of Bees in theatres this Friday.

The Headline clearly screams THE VOICES OF AMERICA as they are making the point that all 3 ladies went from the music world into the film world but still.  This is an ensemble cast and Sophie shouldn’t have been left out.

Sophie is featured inside the magazine but I’m still salty that she was snubbed on the cover *hmph*  This isn’t just another actress Ebony, she is an Academy Award nominated one.  And they didn’t even interview her! She was right there!!!! A 6 page spread and all she gets is one quote?! Come on! This is why I do what I do and represent my clients the way I do.  We deserve the spotlight too people!

Watch the behind the scenes video from the photo shoot:


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