Kimora’s My She-ro :)

I soooo enjoy all things Kimora Lee!  I have no shame.

I just love the way she runs her business, how she mothers her kiddies, how she takes no crap…I could go on and on.  I love how she gave the Barbie people heat when they tried to bully her.

I dvr and watch The Fabulous Life over and over and read all magazines KiKi is in.

I was over the moon the other night when E! aired her true Hollywood story.  It was great to see her humble beginnings, her old interviews, her Mom and yes both Russell and Djimon saying wonderful things about her.  The internets try to make mountains out of mole hills about Kiki and Russey but like Will and Jada they all along with the new loves in their lives and they have their multi million dollar business and gorgeous girls at heart.  Speaking of their girls, how do I love Aoki Lee?!!! OMG, she is so the business.  I want to see her in her teen years.

We already know Tyra and Kiki have been friends forever but I was surprised to see Kim Porter as one of Kiki’s bridesmaids, who knew?  I didn’t even know they were friends.


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