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Korto Came So Close To Winning

Posted in Africa, Fashion & Style, TV on October 15, 2008 by missmwabi

I am so proud of Korto for coming so close to winning Project Runway.  I know she was dissapointed not to be declared the winner but she has to be proud of making it so far and getting praise from some big names.  I would not be surprised if a big name designer has scooped her up as they did Austin Scarlett back in Season 1.  Korto’s talent is undeniable and I would buy her designs in a heartbeat.  I look forward to seeing her future in the design world.  I loved her walking the runway with her daughter..what a moment.  Congratulations Korto, African girl.  You represented us well and you ROCKED!

Enjoy her entire collection from Bryant Park.


Um Ebony, Where’s Sophie?

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Movies on October 15, 2008 by missmwabi

I love the 3 lovely ladies that cover November’s issue of Ebony but I was dissapointed that Sophie Okonedo didn’t make the cover.  Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Sophie Okonedo ALL star in The Secret Lives of Bees in theatres this Friday.

The Headline clearly screams THE VOICES OF AMERICA as they are making the point that all 3 ladies went from the music world into the film world but still.  This is an ensemble cast and Sophie shouldn’t have been left out.

Sophie is featured inside the magazine but I’m still salty that she was snubbed on the cover *hmph*  This isn’t just another actress Ebony, she is an Academy Award nominated one.  And they didn’t even interview her! She was right there!!!! A 6 page spread and all she gets is one quote?! Come on! This is why I do what I do and represent my clients the way I do.  We deserve the spotlight too people!

Watch the behind the scenes video from the photo shoot:

The Kodjoe’s Photographed by D-Nice

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Movies on October 15, 2008 by missmwabi
Boris & Nicole

Boris & Nicole

Newlyweds D-Nice and Malinda spent the weekend at the Kodjoe’s.  They got all dolled up to attend Tyler Perry’s studio opening.

D-Nice takes some amazing pictures.

Hit up his gallery to view more.

Kimora’s My She-ro :)

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion & Style, TV on October 9, 2008 by missmwabi

I soooo enjoy all things Kimora Lee!  I have no shame.

I just love the way she runs her business, how she mothers her kiddies, how she takes no crap…I could go on and on.  I love how she gave the Barbie people heat when they tried to bully her.

I dvr and watch The Fabulous Life over and over and read all magazines KiKi is in.

I was over the moon the other night when E! aired her true Hollywood story.  It was great to see her humble beginnings, her old interviews, her Mom and yes both Russell and Djimon saying wonderful things about her.  The internets try to make mountains out of mole hills about Kiki and Russey but like Will and Jada they all along with the new loves in their lives and they have their multi million dollar business and gorgeous girls at heart.  Speaking of their girls, how do I love Aoki Lee?!!! OMG, she is so the business.  I want to see her in her teen years.

We already know Tyra and Kiki have been friends forever but I was surprised to see Kim Porter as one of Kiki’s bridesmaids, who knew?  I didn’t even know they were friends.

Estelle at VH1 Hip Hop Honors

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Estelle embraced her inner Iman on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards red carpet.

She also performed in a tribute to De La Soul.

Tyler Perry & Ethiopian Date/Girlfriend or is Fiance?

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, Movies on October 6, 2008 by missmwabi

I read that Tyler Perry was engaged to an Ethiopian beauty and thought ok, whatever cause that man is linked to everybody from Oprah to Tyra to Taraj and people been trying to marry him off since he hit the scene.

The couple looked gorgeous at the opening of his new studio in Atlanta over the weekend.  Her name is Gelila Bekele ans she is a model.  Ethiopian girls are doing it!

Amanda = Nadupoi on Exiled

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Meet Amanda.  She’s one of those spoiled brats on MTV’s Sweet 16 who want the moon and the stars from their willing parents and don’t even give a thank you.  MTV knew there were on to something with this one. The show got people talking….you were either a parent who couldn’t believe the crazy demands from these kids or you were a teen who couldn’t wait to get your own elaborate sweet 16 on a not so elaborate budget.

Well, MTV went back to the drawing board and came up with Exiled.  Exiled is a show that takes former Sweet 16ers and places them in parts of the world unlike their own to teach them about life…or something like that.  Uh huh.

Amanda is sent off to live with the Masai tribe in Kenya and she in true TV fashion can’t stand it for 75% of the episode then suddenly switches gears and becomes a new person with a whole new perspective, just like that.

The gem of this episode had to be Josephine, Amanda’s host.  Josephine keeps her cool throughout the entire episode.  If MTV really wants to impress me, they need to bring the hosts from these countries to the U.S. and give them a week of extravegance and tape that.

Watch the full episode here.