Ovie Mughelli Is Some Serious Man Candy

Ladies, are you ready to fan yourselves?  Ovie Mughelli is one of Essence Magazine’s 50 Do Right Men and this picture right here is a thing of beauty indeed.

Mama Africa can make a PHINE man, can’t she?

HOME BASE: Atlanta

PROFESSION:Atlanta Falcons fullback

DOING RIGHT: When he’s not blocking defenders on the field, Mughelli helps 150 boys and girls win at life. His Ovie Mughelli Foundation uses summer football camps as a platform to support nutrition, education and health initiatives. “I wanted to impress upon these kids that working hard pays off, and I wanted to make sure other kids have what I did not.”

WHY HE LOVES BLACK WOMEN: “I love everything, from the fullness of their lips to the curves of their body.”

ROMANTIC MOVE: “He’ll trade his playbook for a cookbook and work hard to captivate with five courses.

HERO: “Kess, my older sister. She’s like a second mother to me. As a doctor, she had to work so hard to get to where she is today and she always believed in me.”

MOTTO:“You are not your own. Any greatness you achieve you did not accomplish on your own. It’s your -responsibility to do what you can to bless someone else.”

E-MAIL OVIE: dorightovie@essence.com

Single ladies, go head and do your thing.

7 Responses to “Ovie Mughelli Is Some Serious Man Candy”

  1. chocolate Says:

    Hi Ovie, my name is chocolate and i was reading this months Essence and your picture is just so satisfying i can’t stop thinking about it. I would love to come to Altlanta to meet you. I want to offer you a manicure and pedicure and then i want to take you up on that hand drawn bath . If you have any time maybe we could hang and get to know each other.


  2. I like the photo of you. you are a handsome brother!

  3. Hi,
    I’m so pleased to see you I just wanted you to know how sexy you are. Iwas reading the essence magizine this summer and when I seen you I was like damn boy!!!!!. Hopefully when I take my trip to Atlanta I plan on meeting you in person.

  4. Regina Williams Says:

    hello sexy i am a 22 yr old cna and i am currently going to school to become an R.N. because i love taking care of others i am really into to taking care of babies so maybe one day i will find the right man to live my life with and enjoy this beautiful world

    so this is Regina (sexy and hot) Williams if youre interested please contact me

  5. hey sexy well wont to know can we meet and if we can give me a call at 334)459-0066

  6. ovie merry christmas hope you have a safe holiday and again a happy holiday goes out to you and your family. any time your in charlotte nc look me up or better yet if you just need a real person to talk with email me.

    for now see you later

  7. Iwould like to say, you are one gorgeous man,intelligent,sexy,humble. The list goes on. Its good you take time out of your busy schedule to mentor children, you are a good example with the success you have, for the kids to follow. Im glad you do not let football consume all of your mind and time. I see you also take care of that sexy body. I know fitness is a very important part of your life, because you are a athelete, and you have to maintain your weight, strength,and health. I look forward to meeting you one day maybe. you would be suprised, we actually have a lot of things in common. God bless and take care mr sexy.

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