Korto Shines on Project Runway 5

I am a HUGE fan of Project Runway! It was a pleasant surprise to find that this season, there are not one, not two but three black contestants on the show!!! Talk about Christmas in July!  And one of the black contestants is AFRICAN. Major brownie points for that one Mrs. Seal!

Korto is 33 and is originally from Liberia.  Korto moved to Canada to attend fashion school. After school, she moved outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where she now resides with her husband and daughter. Drawing from her African roots, Korto infuses tribal details into her classic designs. She is inspired by rich fabrics and textures and says her designs are intended for real, full-figured women. In her spare time, Korto works as a freelance fashion photographer, dances in an African dance troupe and does African hair braiding and makeup. She says her family considers her to be fun and easygoing.


The first challenge was a throwback to Season 1 where contestants had to design an outfit from things they bought at a grocery store.  Austin Scarlet’s corn dress from Season 1 pretty much put him in fashion history books everywhere.  Korto designed a kimono style dress that I need in my closet ASAP.  Even though she used a tablecloth, she did get high marks from the judges for accesorizing with kale and tomatoes.

I can’t wait to see what Korto as in store for the rest of the season.  Go girl!!!!


2 Responses to “Korto Shines on Project Runway 5”

  1. […] Born in Liberia, Korto attended fashion school in Canada and now she makes her home in Little Rock Arkansas. Korto’s designs tend to be funky and flattering — that’s because she designs plus size clothes, and her designs thus far reflect that in a wonderful way. The silhouettes of her clothing would look great on a curvy bella like me. […]

  2. Yeah she did her thing

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