Swaggerific Alert – Top 25 from Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine got this right alright! Have you ever seen anything more mmh, mmh good? I, along with many many women and men are fanning themselves right now.  And to think people said Clinton gave them fever…*smh*  Never in the history of presidential candidates has one made so many people’s “babydaddy list”..I’m just saying.

Ebony magazine outdo themselves and have a record number 8 covers to show us that they are not playing with you when they picked 25 of the coolest brothers of all time.  I agree with 6 of the 8 covers…I just have never understood 2 of these choices.


One Response to “Swaggerific Alert – Top 25 from Ebony Magazine”

  1. Peter Egley Says:

    I’m new here. I think they definitely got it right with Marvin Gaye.

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