Ethiopain Songbird Wayna

I first heard Ethiopian songbird Wayna in a Honey Soul interview.  When honey first heard Wayna, she knew she had to do her part to let the world know about the underground soul star.  As soon as the interview was over, I had ordered the album.

I love soul music and I love songs that have meaning.  Add to that, that this beautiful, positive music was coming from an African sister and I was SOLD!  The album was Moments of Clarity – Book 1 and I played it over and over and over.  I still play it.  I even got to interview Wayna and it was beautiful to speak to such a beautiful soul.

Wayna’s fans eagerly anticipated her follow up to Moments and we are not disappointed.  The second album is titled Higher Ground.

Wayna got a beautiful surprise when the first single Moonlight Rendezvous hit Billboard at number 3!!!
Moonlight Rendezvous spent 7 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Singles Chart peaking at #3 and 7 consecutive weeks in the Top 50 Billboard’s 100 Hot Singles Sales peaking at #12.

Not bad for this African girl who heads her own Quiet Power Label.  Who needs a record label when you can do that?

I am a HUGE fan and I could give you a play by play on each and every song on Higher Ground but I will spare you and just give you high lights.  My favorite song has to be the laid back Home that speaks of the African immigrant experience in one verse.  Like Erykah Badu did with Tyrone, TLC with Scrubs, and Beyonce with Irreplacable, Wayna’s Mr. Duracell is the female anthem for the summer.

Check out more info on Wayna, check out her website and myspace page.

And see Wayna in action in the video below.


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