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Zambian Soul Sister Hil St. Soul

Posted in Africa, Music on June 25, 2008 by missmwabi

ZAMBIA stand up!!!!

Our very own Hillary Mwelwa, half of soul group Hil St. Soul is back with her 4th album, Black Rose.

This, my friends is a huge accomplishment in today’s rocky music climate.

I first saw Hillary performing the Aretha Franklin cover, Until You Come Back to Me on VH1 Soul years ago. Her voice was captivating. Once I found out she was Zambian….man, you just don’t know. I talk her up to every single Zambian I meet. Her albums, Soul Organic (amazing, my absolute favorite), Copasetik and Cool (love Pieces), and Soulidified (still blasting the Dwele duet Baby Come Over) prove that my girl is a true R&B/Soul singer.

Black Rose opens with the head bopping Wash Away and continues into Don’t Forget the Ghetto. My absolute favorites that get put on repeat every time are Life, Broken Again, and Hanging On. Danity Kane did it with Damaged but they failed by putting all the blame on the fella that left them damaged instead of taking responsibility. On broken, Hillary takes full responsibility and makes a song about heartbreak sound so sweet.

I once heard criticism of India Arie, Jill Scott, even Lauryn Hill that they tend to be TOO PREACHY. Have you ever heard such nonsense? Hillary and all the aforementioned ladies sing about loving your self and staying positive. If that is being too preachy then sign me up! Hillary is in excellent company and I know there are many more albums to come from this Zambian soul sister.

Support your girl and show her some love by buying her albums. You can download them at amazon for a very cool $8.99 so don’t sleep!

For more information on Hil St. Soul, check out her myspace page.

Check out the lead single Sweetest Days video below


Naomi Campbell banned by Nelson Mandela?

Posted in Africa, Celebrity on June 25, 2008 by missmwabi

I’m hoping this rumor is just a rumor cause it would break Naomi’s heart.

It is being reported that Nelson Mandela, who Naomi has affectionately called her Grandfather has asked that Naomi NOT attend his 90th birthday celebrations going on in the UK this weekend.

Apparently, all of Naomi’s run-ins with blackberries and flight attendants aren’t sitting well with Nelson.  The fact that Naomi was wearing  a hat with Nelson’s foundation logo on it when she got arrested sealed the deal.

I would think that Mr. Mandela would rather counsel her then ban her…that makes more sense.  But then again in the world of entertainment, what seems like perfect common sense never really is.

BET Awards 08

Posted in Celebrity on June 25, 2008 by missmwabi

I sat through all 3 and a half hours of the BET Awards 08.

Usher opened up the show and compared to past shows, this opening was pretty regular. No one was flying from the ceiling or pulling up on the stage in cars. DL Hugley hosted and after Monique opened that last two shows doing Beyonce….well and even Will and Jada hosting a few years ago, you get the picture. DL seemed not all there, he introduced gospel singer Marvin Sapp as Warren Sapp and that was just one thing.

Highlights from the show were Ne-yo’s performance, Ciara joining Chris Brown on stage, and Alicia Keys bringing out SWV, En Vogue, and TLC to perform with her.

Check out flicks from the show.

Alicia Keys with Chilli and a member of En Vogue.

Ashanti and LL Cool J present an award

Ciara joins Chris Brown on stage

Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim perform…my personal highlight was Keyshia’s Mom Frankie dropping it on the red carpet for the whole world to see but that’s just me.

Rihanna on the red carpet

Winners of the night included Kanye West, Chris Brown, Kobe Bryant, UGK, Missy, and Lil Wayne.

Ethiopain Songbird Wayna

Posted in Africa, Music on June 25, 2008 by missmwabi

I first heard Ethiopian songbird Wayna in a Honey Soul interview.  When honey first heard Wayna, she knew she had to do her part to let the world know about the underground soul star.  As soon as the interview was over, I had ordered the album.

I love soul music and I love songs that have meaning.  Add to that, that this beautiful, positive music was coming from an African sister and I was SOLD!  The album was Moments of Clarity – Book 1 and I played it over and over and over.  I still play it.  I even got to interview Wayna and it was beautiful to speak to such a beautiful soul.

Wayna’s fans eagerly anticipated her follow up to Moments and we are not disappointed.  The second album is titled Higher Ground.

Wayna got a beautiful surprise when the first single Moonlight Rendezvous hit Billboard at number 3!!!
Moonlight Rendezvous spent 7 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Singles Chart peaking at #3 and 7 consecutive weeks in the Top 50 Billboard’s 100 Hot Singles Sales peaking at #12.

Not bad for this African girl who heads her own Quiet Power Label.  Who needs a record label when you can do that?

I am a HUGE fan and I could give you a play by play on each and every song on Higher Ground but I will spare you and just give you high lights.  My favorite song has to be the laid back Home that speaks of the African immigrant experience in one verse.  Like Erykah Badu did with Tyrone, TLC with Scrubs, and Beyonce with Irreplacable, Wayna’s Mr. Duracell is the female anthem for the summer.

Check out more info on Wayna, check out her website and myspace page.

And see Wayna in action in the video below.

Charlize Season

Posted in Africa, Celebrity, covergirl, Fashion & Style, Movies on June 24, 2008 by missmwabi

South Africa’s very own Oscar winner is making quite the rounds here lately to promote her newest movie alongside Big Willie himself, Hancock.

Your girl is tearing it up on the red carpet.

This picture with co-star Will sets many a tongue wagging….

She wore a crimson number in Moscow.

She wore Dior white in Paris.

And broke it down in her asymmetrical Christian Lacroix dress, Neil Lane jewels and Dior ankle booties in Berlin.

Charlize is also the covergirl for Glamour Magazine and British GQ for July.  Check her out and check her out in Hancock July 2nd.

Nicole’s Bundle of Joy

Posted in Celebrity on June 23, 2008 by missmwabi

Motherhood has been good for Miss Nicole! Gone are the days of DUI’s and arrests and those wild stints with BFF Paris on The Simple Life.

Now it is all about her baby girl Harlow. This isn’t the first time Miss Harlow has been seen by the world, but this is the first time we all get to see how much she looks like Daddy. My goodness!!! Well Nicole welcome to the “Mother’s Whose Babies Look Nothing Like Them Club.” There’s plenty of us here. Find a comfy seat and ENJOY!

Kimora & Djimon Kinda Sorta Engaged?

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion & Style on June 19, 2008 by missmwabi

It has been a minute since Kimora and Djimon have been seen photographed together.

They came out of hiding last night to attend the third annual Loveday celebration hosted by Cartier.

When asked by photographers if they were engaged, Kimora replied with “Kind of.”


Asked if Honsou had given her an engagement ring, Simmons was equally forthcoming – and evasive. “Well, kind of,” she said, “not quite.”

Okey doke kids…I’m sure annoucements will come sooner than later since her divorce was finalized already.