The Real Solja Boy

I read one of the realest quotes ever from Emmanuel Jal in the May 15th, 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He has a hard time taking 50 cent seriously.  He says,

“You can’t kill people and then talk about it on TV.  If you take somebody’s life, for the rest of your life it will haunt you.  My experience and the horrible things that I’ve done – the pictures are still clear.”


Emmanuel Jal  was a child soldier in Sudan.  His music has been featured in ER episodes, the powerful documentary God Grew Tired of Us and the movie Blood Diamond.

His new album War Child is out today and his documentary War Child is expected to be released soon.


2 Responses to “The Real Solja Boy”

  1. Chisanga Says:

    What is this BS about killing and fronting like it’s okay???
    Another artist who challenges these rappers who claim to be hard is Somalian rapper K’naan, who has stared death in the face.
    We need to stop glamorising that ish. There is nothing pretty about watching someone’s life fade away in front of you and knowing you are the cause of it.

  2. For real…it’s fine to walk around in the USA and go “oh I capped someone with my glock 9mm” and for some odd reason we think that’s acceptable. It’s not. EJ should be mandatory listening for anyone who thinks that “gangster” rap is an art form. Gangster rap is nothing but violence. Like Chisanga said, we need to stop glamorizing violence. It’s not “cool” it’s not “dope” to talk about how you went to prison.

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