Iman, One of People’s 100 Most Beautiful.

People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Issue hit news stands today.

Iman made the list.

At 52, girlfriend can still show her tummy.  I ain’t hating Mama!

She says:

“I’m lucky.  My father is in his 70s, and he looks 40. But skin care is even more important than genes.  Having a beauty company, Iman Cosmetics, I know that women understand about cosmetics – you put on a red lipstick, you see it immediately.  But taking care of of your skin is an investment.  I’m hooked on SK-II…You cannot prevent a wrinkle unless you decide you’re not going to get old.  So when you see the wrinkle and then you move on.  The quality of my skin is better now than when I was in my 30s.  It was oily then…So far, I’m fine without Botox, but I’m an absolute believer in vanity.  If I see a gray hair, I’m going to the hairdresser! There’s no point in having gray hair! Not yet.”


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