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Trailer for The Human Contract Staring Idris Hits The Net

Posted in Movies on May 21, 2008 by missmwabi

Go Jada! Go Jada! It’s yo birfday!

Jada Pinkett Smith’s directing debut is a story she also wrote called The Human Contract.

The film centers on Julian Wright, a charming and mega-successful businessman who hides a secret from the rest of the world which tears his soul apart every day. With his personal life in shambles, Julian will find himself willing to travel down the rabbit hole, as it were, when he meets Michael Reed, a gorgeous stranger who entices Julian to forget his rigid corporate world and try a more bohemian lifestyle, a decision that will not only affect his own life but those of his boss and co-workers, as well as inspire his half-sister Rita to re-examine her life with her abusive husband.

Idris Elba lends his phine-ness, thank goodness for women everywhere, to the project.



Mrs. Makelele Sizzles!

Posted in Fashion & Style on May 21, 2008 by missmwabi

Noemie Lenoir, wife of Soccer superstar Claude Makele sizzles in a swim suit spread for this month’s Essence Magazine. Noemie is a model slash actress that has her own career outside her man.

The shoot took place on the Caribbean island of Tortola and let me tell you, Miss Lady makes one piece swim suits hip all over again.

Judge for yourself.

Work it Mama!!!

The Real Solja Boy

Posted in Africa, Movies, Music on May 13, 2008 by missmwabi

I read one of the realest quotes ever from Emmanuel Jal in the May 15th, 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He has a hard time taking 50 cent seriously.  He says,

“You can’t kill people and then talk about it on TV.  If you take somebody’s life, for the rest of your life it will haunt you.  My experience and the horrible things that I’ve done – the pictures are still clear.”


Emmanuel Jal  was a child soldier in Sudan.  His music has been featured in ER episodes, the powerful documentary God Grew Tired of Us and the movie Blood Diamond.

His new album War Child is out today and his documentary War Child is expected to be released soon.

You Can’t Convince Me

Posted in Celebrity on May 7, 2008 by missmwabi

This has been news for days and now here is a picture but I am still not convinced.

It has Pop Fiction written all over it. Ashton, where are you?

Lets wait and see.

Stars at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Posted in Fashion & Style on May 7, 2008 by missmwabi

Djimon & Kimora looked amazing last night at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I love her dress! So African! Could be a Peridot & Ruby couldn’t it?

Yes, I stan for Kimora. I secretly wish she could yell at me like she did Jerome, BJ, and em. Its all love

Miss Iman kept the fabulousness going in her crimson number…

And I wanna love Thandie’s number but….interesting

Angolan Man Tries To Steal 50 Cent’s Chain

Posted in Celebrity on May 5, 2008 by missmwabi

Your boy Fiddy got his chain yanked while on stage in Angola.

My people, my people!

The temptation must have been too much for the poor man to handle to yank a chain in front of thousands, security and of course cell phone cameras.

Take a look-see…

Lawd Jesus…I wonder what happened next.

Iman, One of People’s 100 Most Beautiful.

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion & Style on May 2, 2008 by missmwabi

People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Issue hit news stands today.

Iman made the list.

At 52, girlfriend can still show her tummy.  I ain’t hating Mama!

She says:

“I’m lucky.  My father is in his 70s, and he looks 40. But skin care is even more important than genes.  Having a beauty company, Iman Cosmetics, I know that women understand about cosmetics – you put on a red lipstick, you see it immediately.  But taking care of of your skin is an investment.  I’m hooked on SK-II…You cannot prevent a wrinkle unless you decide you’re not going to get old.  So when you see the wrinkle and then you move on.  The quality of my skin is better now than when I was in my 30s.  It was oily then…So far, I’m fine without Botox, but I’m an absolute believer in vanity.  If I see a gray hair, I’m going to the hairdresser! There’s no point in having gray hair! Not yet.”