Introducing Karina

I want to introduce you all to this beautiful and talented young lady.

Karina Pasian is 16 and a breath of fresh air.. She is 16 and singing about 16 year old stuff. Can you imagine? Nothing about being a hot mama and getting your man! She even dresses age appropriately. There is hope for the world yet.

I heard her song 16 at war on the radio the other day and I was so happy to hear something so positive on the radio.

Karina Pasian’s song “Sixteen” is a song of independence and admiration. “Ain’t no daddy’s where I’m from, its just mad mothers…why am I disrespected by someone I should call brother,” she sings in a pristine voice. “I wanted to do a song about what teenager girls go through in urban areas. It’s not cool that boys think they’re being cute when they say nasty stuff to us on the street.”


Please let us all lay hands on our monitors that Karina stays this way and isn’t turned into a 25 yr old woman in the next few years.

Visit Karina’s myspace to learn more about her.


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