They Dug Deep Akon.


When you’re successful and doing big things, people will go out of their  way to bring you down. They hail you, they nail you no matter who you are….it is true.

Biggie said, “MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS!” and his words are ringing true for Akon.

Someone at the smoking gun with way too much time on their hands has ‘uncovered’ detail upon detail that Akon pulled a James Frey and wait for it….LIED about his time in the joint and other things. *Gasp*

Tell me, is this new? Isn’t it a known fact that rappers fabricate the bullets they have taken and the bid they did for street cred? Doesn’t South Central sound a lot more convincing than Wisteria Lane? God bless Kanye for embracing the suburbs.

And come on, we all know Africans do it too. How many Africans do you know or have heard of that will either A) say they’re an African prince, Akeem style complete with rose throwers when they clearly come from very humble beginnings or B) come from a huge house complete with chauffeurs, maids, cooks, and gardeners but will play up their time in the village to get some sympathy votes?

I am always amused at how people react when they find out smething is a lie… seriously you don’t know that people lie? Everyday? My dear friend in the head Lauryn Hill said it best when she said, “People lie to God, what makes you think they won’t lie to you?”

So yeah headlines are going crazy with lines like “Akon The Illusionist”, “Liar Liar”, and “Koned” about this whole ordeal.

Read the full report from the smoking gun and draw your own conclusion.


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