Will Estelle Stay True?


Reports say Atlantic Records want Estelle to have cosmetic surgery on her teeth to help her break into the American charts.

According to The Sun, the record label bosses also want her to ditch the boyish haircut and want to give her a complete image overhaul.


Did anyone ask Amy Winehouse to change her looks?!

The good news is that Estelle is not happy. She feels her teeth and the rest of her look are a big part of her character.

Thank goodness! Lets hope she stays true to herself and doesn’t let them make her look like every other artist out there.

Never mind that her album is #1 in the UK.

I am a firm believer that we are all made different for a reason. People connect to Estelle and her music because she seems real, why change that?


3 Responses to “Will Estelle Stay True?”

  1. I don’t kno why they have a problem with her hairstyle….isn’t this whats in vogue now…..but ehmm for her teeth it’s prolly a good idea, it freaks me out sometimes.

  2. Well I love her song American boy but yea her teeth are something to look at. I think its her decision if she wants to change them. In a way I think it can set her apart that she is not cookie cuter.

  3. […] Like Estelle Caved In I told you all about how Estelle’s record company wanted her to change some things about herself to be more accepted in American mainstream AND sell more […]

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